Medicare = Mediocre

Medicare, like most entitlement programs, only provides minimal services. Other government-sponsored programs, like Food Stamps and Social Security, provide basic support without the intent of covering the entire solution. There are no government entitlement programs that provide all serves that are needed. They were created to provide basic needs to vulnerable populations.

Because of this basic premise, Medicare dictates what a participant receives in many areas. For example, Medicare decides how long a person can stay in the hospital after a particular health event and whether or not additional rehabilitation is warranted. If additional rehabilitation is needed, Medicare dictates where the rehab takes place — at home or in a facility, what type of therapy is indicated and how long a person can participate in therapy. Again, providing the basic amount of services — not what may be in the best interest of the particular patient.

Oftentimes, seniors believe that the services covered by Medicare are all they need, but in reality it is all that is authorized by the funding source. Many people benefit greatly from additional therapy and help in the home as they recuperate from surgery or other health crisis. Most of the time, this additional assistance is paid for privately and increases the chances of the patient becoming stronger and more independent over time.

Medicare is a very important part of any senior’s health care, but shouldn’t be viewed as the only solution.

By continuing in-home assistance (i.e. bath aides, home health care and physical therapy) privately, the patient is able to grow stronger and is often able to regain function and maintain it more effectively than those who stop receiving these services once Medicare decides to stop paying for them.

Physicians’ Choice Private Duty Assisted Living has a staff dedicated to maintaining a person’s independence and enabling them to stay in their home for as long as they are safe. By providing in-home services, they are able to create a safe environment and assist them in remaining in their home.

Medicare is a very important part of any senior’s health care, but shouldn’t be viewed as the only solution. By looking at all the options and continuing therapy and in-home care until independence is reached should remain the ultimate goal. It is vital that, with your help, your aging parent takes charge of their own health and designs their own plan.

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