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Home Care Options Explained

Home Care Options Explained There are several options available to those who have an elderly parent being cared for at home. You can find a list of resources that will help explain the language that caregivers use when designing an in home care program. One article in particular is worth digging into further. Home Care […]

Hiring a Caregiver for In-Home Help

Links to help with Hiring a Caregiver for In-Home Help When a family hires an in-home caregiver to take care of an elderly parent or loved one, they are often unfamiliar with what type of care their parent needs. The process can especially overwhelming when a family is unfamiliar with the types of caregivers available. The […]


Keeping Your Parent at Home

Keeping Your Parent at Home Conventional wisdom is that seniors want to stay in their home but this is often not feasible due to the cost involved with providing in home care. Most articles compare the costs of in home health care vs. assisted living or nursing homes. These articles are filled with gloom and […]

Why Do Caregivers Leave?

Why Do Caregivers Leave? Caregiver Turnover isn’t only a problem for a home healthcare agency. It’s a problem for patients and their families looking for consistent care. In the article “40+ Reasons Caregivers Leave and the High Cost of Caregiver Turnover” outlines an impressive number of reasons why a talented caregiver may leave an employer […]

Coping with Changing Caregivers

News to Note These are some of the best links from our in home assisted living feeds. This month we’re focusing on the most important piece of caregiving – the caregivers. Specifically from the perspective of the patient. http://www.parentsinapinch.com/news/blog/coping-with-changing-caregivers/ Read this because it addresses changes kids have to deal with in changing caregivers. There is […]

Choosing the Best Caregivers for Your Parents

Choosing the Best Caregivers for Your Parents A common question from clients is “How can we make sure we get the same caregiver every time? My parents are very particular and dealing with new caregivers is stressful.” It’s a great question. It reminds me of the story about Helen Keller and her faithful teacher Anne […]

Nursing Life Hacks

Here’s a favorite article from http://nurseslabs.com that we love and you’ll find helpful! Nursing is a tough job and apparently, there are no shortcuts to providing good and quality care. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t make our lives easier while doing our job. Here’s list of nursing life hacks that can show you exactly […]

When Less Medicine Means More Health

By John Henning Schumann, MD from NPR Six months ago, an octogenarian patient told me he’d been having light-headedness. For decades, he’d taken a combination pill (two medications in one) to keep his blood pressure below 140/90, numbers proved important in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure. Light-headedness is common among older people on […]