Real Stories: Providing care when it’s needed most

Todays post features real-life stories of how Encompass Senior Solutions helped an elderly person and their loved ones through a tough decision-making process that ensured each persons individual care needs were met. Names have been changed to respect privacy.


Lynne, a 94-year-old woman with a devoted husband, desperately wanted to stay at home. To do so, she contacted Encompass for help. We made some suggestions for a safer living environment and provided some intermittent care for her so she could remain in her home, with her husband, independent and safe.


Tricia is a moderate-to-severe dementia patient residing in a long-term care facility. Her children asked Encompass to provide a safety net to allow her to remain in the facility but receive extra stimulation and safety support. By providing caregivers, she is able to participate in the activities in the facility and is safely monitored overnight to eliminate the risk of falls. Her family has peace of mind that Tricia is safe and cared for.


Deborah, a dementia patient, is under the care of Adult Protective Services for neglect. Finding it difficult to take her medications, eat properly and go to the doctor, Encompass now assists Tricia with a medication reminder system as well as provides necessary transportation to the doctor. Other services were brought in to make sure she had food. Thanks to Encompass, she remains at home.


Randy is an elderly gentleman who lives alone and is in need of bathing and strength training. Encompass helps by providing a caregiver once a month so he is able to remain in his apartment. Our caregiver provides a bath, cleans his apartment, provides him with social stimulation and goes through his exercise program. He remains in his apartment safely.

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Encompass Senior Solutions currently serving Omaha, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa provides seniors and their families a complete understanding of the available care options and helps families maneuver through the challenges of the system. All Encompass services are directed by registered nurses or licensed clinical social workers with no long-term contracts. Contact us today for help with your senior care needs.


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